Teresa and Jaron on the grass


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Traditional Celtic and original songs based on ghost stories that Teresa collected on P.E.I.

Track List
  1. Iridescent Blue
  2. Maggie Daly
  3. Salisbury Plain
  4. She’s Like a Swallow
  5. The Shearing
  6. The Slaugh ‘Swoogh’
  7. Agincourt Carol
  8. If I was a Blackbird
  9. Haul the Jib
  10. The Giant
  11. Cape Breton Lullaby
Album Credits

Teresa Doyle: lead vocals
Richard Chapman: guitar, vocals, synthesizer

Also Louis Babin, Rebecca Bain, Andrew Cowan, Chris Crilly, Coral Egan, Fabio Girolami, Jon Goodman, Mary MacLean, Ellen Paltiel, Grady Poe, Philip Raphals, John Rudel, Oliver Schroer, Kim Vincent, and Karen Youngs.