Teresa and Jaron on the grass

I Remember Canada

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I Remember Canada is a love song for this country. Following in the tradition of Pete Seeger, Buffy Saint Marie and others, Doyle has penned seven songs that speak to some of the pressing issues of our time and offer hope to all who care passionately about this amazing nation.

“Dedicated to the lovers of democracy everywhere, and especially our young people taking to the streets with The Occupy movement, Printemps érable and Idle no More. Hats off to their mentors, Maude Barlow, Bruce Cockburn, Brigette De Pape, K’nnan, Farley Mowat, Stephen Lewis, Elizabeth May, Jack Layton and Pete Seeger. Together we can envision a kinder Canada to treasure and preserve our rich cultural, natural and democratic heritage.”

— Teresa

Track List
  1. I Remember Canada (4:17)
  2. The World is in a Pickle (4:21)
  3. Lucky (3:00)
  4. Clean Water (2:16)
  5. Leave it in the Ground (4:58)
  6. Let’s Ban the Foolin’ Fracking (2:56)
  7. The New Titanic (4:29)
Album Credits

Produced, engineered and arranged by Andrew MacIsaac
Mixed by Adam Gallant and Andrew MacIsaac

All songs by Teresa Doyle
Teresa Doyle: vocals
Andrew MacIsaac: guitar, percussion, programming, keyboard & backing vocals
Patrick Bunston: backing vocals
Todd MacLean: saxophone
Photos: Brett Bunston (taken in the blueberry fields of Hallaig Farm in Lewis, PEI)
Design: Walsh Design