Teresa and Jaron on the grass

If Fish Could Sing… And Sheep Could Dance

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More up-tempo Celtic songs for children with the chorus “The Boys & Girls of Bedlamb”. This album won an American Library Association Award, Parents Choice Recommended and was nominated for both an East Coast Music Award and a JUNO Award.

Track List
  1. The Shearing (2:20)
  2. The Country Life (2:15)
  3. Tell My Ma (1:35)
  4. Lots of Fish in Bonavist Harbour (1:48)
  5. I Dyed My Petticoat Red (2:16)
  6. A Rovin’ (3:19)
  7. Johnny’s Gone A-Sailing (2:30)
  8. Si J’avais Les Beaux Souliers (3:30)
  9. Ca’ The Ewes (2:45)
  10. A Leg of Mutton (2:05)
  11. Sailor’s Alphabet (4:00)
  12. Molly & Johnny (3:06)
  13. Mairi’s Wedding (2:33)
  14. Garden Mother’s Lullaby (3:45)
Album Credits

Teresa Doyle: lead vocals
Oliver Schroer: fiddle, guitars, recorder, mandolin, percussion, vocals
Ben Grossman: bodhran, frame drum, jaw harp, hurdy gursy
Bill Brennan: keyboard
Ansgar Schroer: harmonica

Also Pat O’Gorman, David Woodhead, Sharon Tiessen, Rich Greenspoon, Anastasia DesRoches, Kerri MacLead and the Girls of Bedlamb.