Teresa and Jaron on the grass

Late Night Parlour

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Late Night Parlour is a blend of smart, sassy, swing tunes from the 1940s and Teresa’s quirky commentary on life, love and tea.

Track List
  1. Late Night Parlour (4:10 – Teresa Doyle)
  2. Dance Me Outside (4:02 – Teresa Doyle)
  3. You’re My Cup of Tea (3:24 – Teresa Doyle)
  4. I’m Just Foolin’ Myself (2:33 – J. Lawrence, P. Tinturin)
  5. All the Cats Join In (3:26 – E. Sauter, R. Gilbert, A. Wilde)
  6. No Moon at All (3:42 – R. Evans, D. Mann)
  7. These Foolish Things (3:52 – H. Link, H. Marvell, J. Strachey)
  8. Cry Me a River (4:52 – A. Hamilton)
  9. Comes Love (5:45 – S. Stept, C. Tobias, L. Brown)
  10. Good Morning Man (2:30 – Teresa Doyle)
  11. For All We Know (4:05 – F. Coots)
Album Credits

Produced by Teresa Doyle and David Rashed
Engineered and Mastered by David Rashed

Teresa Doyle: vocals
Ian Toms: guitar
Ross MacDonald: bass
Mike Murley: tenor saxophone
Alan Dowling: drums
Jamie Mark: bass clarinet, alto saxophone
Dan St. Amand: flugelhorn, horn arrangements
Ben Grossman: percussion

Reviews & Press

Playful & Rock-Solid

“Whether singing a playful flirt of a samba or crooning a heart-rending ballad, Teresa’s vocal artistry and songwriting are rock-solid.”

— Philly Markowitz, CBC Toronto

People Are Going To Love This

“I love your large musicality, your wonderful voice, your feisty enterprising spirit that is searching out both worldly opportunity and larger truth. And congratulations on a beautiful album. A lot of people are going to love this.”

— Oliver Schroer

Fan Feedback

A Beautiful & Fabulous Jazz Album

“At the end of May, I visited Canada on a 7-day cruise. When I got to Charlottetown, I wandered into a music store and made a wonderful discovery. They were playing a beautiful and fabulous jazz album. I asked the sales clerk to show me the CD and it was your new one called, Late Night Parlour. Of course I snapped it up and brought it home. I’ll be letting a lot of friends and family know about this fun discovery. There is nothing like finding fresh new examples of Real Music, in this age of (c)rap music and the other junk that is played on the radio. In the States they don’t even have a category or genre for actual music. They have tried calling it everything for ‘vocal’ to ‘easy listening’ to ‘Americana’, whatever that means! If it has a melody, rhythm, and other traditional elements of real music, nobody in radio broadcasting knows what to do with it. I have a crazy, wild suggestion for them: Play it!

I am a photographic artist in Austin, exhibiting in local galleries and other venues. I have also been a music critic and I’ve collected records for many years. Thanks for popping up when you did, and I’ll be looking out for your music in the future.”

She’s An Undiscovered Treasure

“When I heard this record on trip to Prince Edward Island, I was immediately charmed by Teresa Doyle. If I had to pick a quick phrase to describe the feel of the record, I would have to say ‘understated elegance.’

At the beginning Teresa invites you into her parlour with the title track, her own compositions. With a breezy feel and oh-so-pleasant rhythm, she entices you with images of sipping rum punch and dancing all night. So, why not take her up on it! Then the dancing theme continues with another self-penned tune called ‘Dance Me Outside’.

This music is soft, springy jazz, designed to sweep you away to a romantic rendezvous. The album is filled with exquisitely arranged standards, like ‘No Moon At All’, ‘Cry Me a River’, and Benny Goodman’s ‘All the Cats Join in’. My favorite is ‘These Foolish Things’. Only one piece is missing. A big time record deal and a major world tour. She’s out on the deck singing and dancing, just waiting to be discovered!”

— Bill Austin