Teresa and Jaron on the grass

Prince Edward Isle, Adieu

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Traditional Celtic and Maritime songs.

Track List
  1. Crazy Man Michael (Richard Thompson/David Swarbrick)
  2. Cam Ye O’er Frae France (Traditional)
  3. When Johnny Went Plowin’ For Kearon (Traditional PEI)
  4. Young Girl Cut Down In Her Prime (Traditional)
  5. Factory Girl (Traditional)
  6. Oh No, Not I (Traditional Nfld)
  7. Tom Of Bedlam (Traditional)
  8. Fairest Jenny (Traditional)
  9. Sto Mo Chori (Traditional)
  10. Prince Edward Isle, Adieu (Traditional PEI)
  11. Drimindown/Knocknegow #1-#2 (Traditional)
  12. O’Halloran Road (Traditional PEI)
Album Credits

Teresa Doyle: lead vocal
Richard Chapman: guitar, synthesizer, backup vocals
Jim Stevens: hammered dulcimer, bouzouki, tin whistle
Phillip Raphals: cello
Paul Legrand: fiddle
Karen & Doug Young: backup vocals