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Canadian Songwriter Challenge 2019, and Sing Your Heart Out

April 10, 2019

Hello, Folks.

Teresa performing live (credit Jing Cui)Happy spring! The ice is melting, the crocuses are blooming and I am ready to dig in the dirt, plant some seeds, walk the beach and dream about lazy summer days at Rock Barra Retreat (singing camp Aug 2, 3 & 4), but first, it’s business time…

I am honoured, and ok, a wee bit nervous, to be one of 12 songwriters taking part in the Canadian Songwriter Challenge in partnership with ECMA, April 30th to May 5th, 2019. The event pairs six Atlantic Canadian songwriters with peers from across Canada. My partner is Grayson Gritt from Ontario. We will spend April 30th and May 1st co-writing and recording demos of two songs at a local studio and take May 2nd to finalize mixes. The following day we pitch our songs to a panel of delegates including music supervisors, publishers, labels, and other industry professionals from Canada and further abroad. No pressure eh! I can’t wait to meet Grayson. I’ve done co-writes in the past with Ron Hynes, Oliver Schroer, Jaron Freeman-Fox, Rose Vaughan and others, but not under this kind of timeline. On Thursday May 2 all the pairs of collaborators perform at The Guild Theatre. Get your tickets here.

Ok, folks, that’s the news. I’ll be in touch about summer concerts, events at Rock Barra Artist Retreat and touring plans soon. BTW, I started a new teaching business called Sing Your Heart Out! Get in touch if you want a private session or would like to attend a class on Singing for Mindfulness (the Yoga of Sound).


P.S. The photo was taken at a P.E.I. jazz event in February by Jing Cui.

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